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2020 MTBNZ National Event Series XCO/HD

Round #2, Coronet Peak.


RACING: will be conducted in accordance with the MTBNZ Code of Conduct here:


Bicycles must conform with current UCI regulations.

The Downhill Protective Equipment policy applies and is required to be adhered to by all DH riders. This Policy was recently updated to reflect changes in helmet technology and can be found here:

https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/mtb/downhill-protective-equipment It will be checked by either the PCP or asst PCP at start marshaling.

SAFETY: The PCUB for the event will be the Event Director. Who will be advised and supported by Cycling NZ’s Chief commissionaire (PCP). 

Everyone has a responsibility towards Health and Safety at an event.

MTBNZ are committed to providing and maintaining upmost health and safety standards, by ensuring that all risks and hazards associated with the event are adequately identified and managed to prevent harm from occurring to the event staff, participants and all other personnel involved in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


COURSE: Descends 405 vertical metres through tussock / dracophyllum native vegetation. There are some rocky sections but by far the majority of the track is in dirt. Gap jumps and one rock drop all have alternative slower paths. 

There are some great points on the track to be a spectator with the open country offering unrestricted views. 

UPHILL access. For MTB this is via chair, included in your race day entry fee for the 19th . The 7 minute ride on the new Coronet Express has self loading bike racks.  There is one set for maxi tyres. Please ask our lift crew if you need to avail yourself of them so they can direct you to the correct chair.  Standard summer uphill capacity is 600 per hour bikes so you should allow ten minutes to get up to the start. 

Spectators pass is $30 for the day. Return ride. 



Categories offered at the event listed below.

Races and Grades may be combined depending on numbers – at the discretion of the host club.

UCI Categories:

  • Elite - Riders aged 19 or over (as at 31 December 2019)
  • U19 (Junior) - Riders aged between 17 - 18 (as at 31 December 2019)


Non UCI Categories:

  • U15 - Riders aged 14 and under (as at 31 December 2019)
  • U17 - Riders aged between 15 - 16  (as at 31 December 2019)
  • U19 – Riders aged between 17 – 18 (as at 31 December 2019)
  • Senior - Riders aged between 18 - 29 (as at 31 December 2019)
  • Masters 1 - Riders aged between 30 - 39 (as at 31 December 2019)
  • Masters 2 - Riders aged between 40 - 49 (as at 31 December 2019)
  • Masters 3 - Riders 50 and over  (as at 31 December 2019)


UCI Categories (Elite, U19 - Junior):

  • All riders must hold an appropriate 2018 Cycling New Zealand License (Elite = Adult License, U19 = Youth License) AND
  • All riders must be a paid and current member of a MTBNZ/CNZ Affiliated MTB Club


Non-UCI Categories:

  • All riders must hold either an appropriate 2019 Cycling New Zealand License (Masters, Seniors (age dependent) = Adult, U15, U17,  U19= Youth License) OR
  • Paid the additional fees and receive a 'One Day' Cycling New Zealand License AND
  • All riders must be a paid and current member of a MTBNZ/CNZ Affiliated MTB Club OR
  • Have paid the additional day membership fee of the host club $10 or even better the annual QMTBC $40 and receive over 30 great discounts on passes / benefits through all the key Queenstown businesses you are going to need to enjoy this town.    


All riders are welcome to compete in the events but overseas riders will not be eligible for Championship titles.



Will be using Coronet Peaks’ race timing system. TAG Heuer equipment with comms via the lift line and radios. 


RACE Schedule - subject to change

  • 08:30 Rego opens.
  • 09:00 Marshal briefing and gear up.
  • 09:30 Lift opens to walk the course.
  • 10:00 Lift opens for bikes.
  • 10:15 Practice opens for registered riders. 
  • 12:45 Practice ends - sweepers down.
  • 13:15 Race Briefing.
  • 13:30 Lift opens for registered riders for seeding run.
  • 13:45 SEEDING @ 30-45 second gap to be determined by field size and seeding flow.  
  • 15:45 RACE @ 30 second gap.
  • 18 30 Prize giving.

Medals will be provided by MTBNZ for top 3 in each category.




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