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Here you will find all of our terms and conditions and requirements for using our ski areas, lift passes and mypass cards along with NZSki's policies regarding your privacy online and our online marketing.

Terms and Conditions:

Season Pass and Multi-Day Lift pass terms and conditions outline all legal requirements and everything you need to know about purchasing and using these products including details on season pass instalment payments.

2018 Season Pass Holder Terms and Conditions:

As a purchaser/user of any NZSki Ltd season pass – 3 Peak Pass and Mt Hutt Pass - we require your understanding and agreement to the outlined terms and conditions.


The operating season of the NZSki Limited (NZSki) ski areas is subject to snow, weather and mountain conditions and the season may be longer or shorter than publicised. NZSki makes no warrant as to the length of season, number of lifts operating at any time or to the operation or otherwise of an area on any particular day.

Reference to Season Pass, pass or mypass refers to the plastic RFID card and the products that are loaded against the individual that the RFID card identifies within the NZSki database.

Season Passes are non-refundable under any circumstances unless the Injury/Medical cover option has been purchased. This Injury/Medical cover option is an additional cost of $40, which is made available to you at the time of purchase.


Season Passes are non-refundable under any circumstances unless the Pass Protection option has been purchased.

Pass Protection provides for full or partial refund of the Season Pass where;

An injury or medical condition precludes or significantly limits ability to use the pass throughout the entire season. All applications for refund must be made by completing the NZSki 2018 Season Pass refund request form and supported with a doctor's certificate or other evidence acceptable to NZSki. NZSki reserves the right to obtain independent medical advice to validate any claim. The value of refunds will be calculated based on the use of the pass according to the table below and in conjunction with the following expiry dates. There will be no refunds after six weeks from the pass holder's first day of pass use.

There will be no refunds after 31 August 2018 irrespective of pass use. Refunds extend to the value of the pass type purchased only and do not cover any ancillary or other associated costs. The Pass Protection add-on is regarded as an ancillary cost. Refunds will be made to the credit card used to purchase the pass and the pass will be cancelled.

Season Passes are not transferable. The pass may only be used by the person whose name it bears and photograph it matches in NZSki's records. Transferring or re-selling your Season Pass is an offence and may result in penalties including loss of access to ski area facilities and possible prosecution. Both the identified Season Pass holder and the person who attempts to use that pass to unlawfully gain access to the lifts will face possible prosecution and be subject to a trespass order which will prevent access to all Ski Area Association Member ski areas for a period of two years.

If you lose your pass or it is stolen please report it immediately on 0800 NZSKIPASS (0800 697 547) so we can suspend/cancel it. An administration fee will apply to replace your pass.

NZSki reserves the right to decline to reissue the pass or to issue you with passes in the future if a third party is found using your pass without its loss recorded in our system.

Your pass cannot be used for commercial purposes without the prior approval of NZSki Ltd.

Photo identification will be required on collection of your pass/card or when updating your photograph.

All pass holders must abide by the ski area user responsibility code. Misconduct will result in cancelation or suspension of the pass with no refund. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, reckless or dangerous skiing or snowboarding, excessive speed within a slow or learning zone, disregard for closed areas, unsociable behaviour, skiing or snowboarding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, supply of incorrect information or breach of the conditions as per the Snow Responsibility Code.

All pass holders must abide by all signs and instructions when driving on ski area access roads. Failure to abide by signs and instructions or reckless and dangerous driving will result in cancelation or suspension of the pass with no refund.

You must carry your pass with you at all times when skiing or snowboarding.

Use of any season pass is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the specific ski area at which you are using the pass.



This season pass provides the holder with unlimited skiing and snowboarding at Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt and The Remarkables for the 2018 season during the standard operating hours of 9am - 4pm, plus Night Skiing at Coronet Peak on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 4pm - 9pm when available.


This season pass provides holders with unlimited skiing and snowboarding at Mt Hutt only for the 2018 season during the standard operating hours of 9am - 4pm. In addition holders are entitled to a $20 discount for adults and $15 discount for youths and seniors on the standard day pass rates at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables.


Provides access to the Coronet Express lift from 8am - 9am from late June / early July through to late in the 2018 season. The operation of First Tracks is subject to the availability and operation of the lifts and to snow and weather conditions. Access to trails will be subject to operational requirements, weather and snow conditions and any scheduled race/events. Coronet Peak does not guarantee the operation of First Tracks on any particular day.


Provides access to the Summit Six Express lift on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 9am from late June / early July through to late in the 2018 season. Mt Hutt First Tracks add-on is available to purchase following the purchase of the Mt Hutt Pass or 3 Peak Pass. The First Tracks add-on is not available with the Mt Hutt Mid-week Pass. The operation of First Tracks is subject to the availability and operation of the lifts and to snow and weather conditions. Access to trails will be subject to operational requirements, weather and snow conditions and any scheduled race/events. Mt Hutt does not guarantee the operation of First Tracks on any particular Saturday or Sunday.

Pass holder conditions as listed in Part A above also apply to all of the above PART B specific pass types.


By selecting to make payment by the instalment option, the customer hereby agrees to: NZSki Limited (NZSki) retaining the customer's credit card details and automatically charging the customer's credit card in three equal instalments. There is a minimum total purchase amount required for the instalment payment option of $299. The first instalment will be charged at the time of purchase (only available during the Earlybird sales periods) and the remaining instalments on the following dates:

A credit fee calculated at 3% of the entire transaction value will be added to your purchase.

Default of payment: If any instalment payment is not made e.g. due to the credit card payment being declined or reversed, NZSki reserves the right to charge a default administration fee of $35 per card transaction.

Please see cancellations and refunds below for more details. Any changes to credit card details must be advised to NZSki by email or by telephone (+64 3 450 1970) at least five working days prior to the instalment due date. This includes notification of new card expiry dates. NZSki will not be responsible for failure by the customer to make payment on the due date for any reason.

Cancellation and Refunds: Season Passes are non-refundable from the date of the first payment under any circumstances unless the Injury/Medical cover option has been purchased.

Issue and collection: Season Passes will not be issued or available for collection until full payment of all instalments has been received.

Disclosure: The customer consents to NZSki making disclosures required by the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 in an electronic form, by means of email.

Earlybird and Multiday Pass Terms and Conditiosn 2018

Earlybird (discounted) multi-day lift pass (4, 5 and 6 days) products, provide full mountain lift access at the applicable ski areas. The multi-day lift passes are not Season Passes and have these specific terms and conditions. The purchaser/user of the multi-day lift pass agree to the following terms and conditions:

Multi-Day Lift Passes are only valid for use during the 2018 winter season.

Multi-Day Lift Passes do not need to be used consecutively, however all days must be used within 12 days of the first day of use.

Multi-Day Lift Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Only the individual named at the time of purchase can use the pass.

Multi-Day Lift Passes are valid for lift access only.

Each day pass is valid for use between the standard operating hours of 9am – 4pm.

Multi-day passes are not exchangeable for a Twilight Pass and an upgrade option is available at an additional cost.

A $5 refundable card deposit will be charged on collection of your mypass card.

Earlybird sale ends 5th April 2018

Lift Slopes and Terrain Use:

A valid lift pass (associated to a valid mypass card) is required to use any of the above facilities at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables ski areas. Using or attempting to use any of the above facilities without a valid lift pass will result in some/all of the following penalties:

A requirement to purchase a valid lift pass or passes to cover the fraudulent use.

Issuance of a trespass notice preventing any future visit to the ski area; and/or

Report to the police with the option of prosecution to the full extent of the law


MyPass Terms and Conditions:

NZSki Ltd has a sophisticated ticketing system that utilises a smart card we call mypass. Most NZSki products do not have a separate form of ticket but are associated to a mypass account/guest profile that is connected to a mypass card.

The purchaser and/or users of mypass cards and associated products and passes at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables agree to the following terms and conditions:

mypass cards and their associated products and passes are personal to the named purchaser/user and are non-transferable and non-refundable with the exception of the mypass card deposit which is non-transferable but fully refundable.

Products purchased on the mypass card are valid only for the winter season in which they were purchased and will expire at the end of each winter season.

Transferring or reselling mypass cards is an offence and will result in penalties including loss of access to ski area facilities and possible prosecution.

If you lose or misplace your mypass card or it is stolen, please report this immediately to the Snow Centre, Guest Services or phone 0800 NZSKIPASS (0800 697 547) so we can suspend/cancel it and re-issue a replacement. A card replacement fee may apply.

All sundry vouchers that are issued along with your mypass card (i.e. lesson tickets, bus tickets,.) can only be issued once and cannot be reprinted or reissued if lost or stolen.

If a third party is found to be using your mypass card without its loss being reported, NZSki Ltd reserves the right to decline to re-issue the mypass or to issue you with mypasses in the future.

User assumes all risk of personal injury, property loss and damage.

Misconduct in the opinion of NZSki Ltd management and staff may result in mypass card revocation without refund.

The mypass cardholder uses the ski area at his/her own risk.

Use of the mypass card and its associated products and passes implies the user knows unmarked hazards exist and interaction with people outside the control of NZSki Ltd will result.

NZSki Ltd does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged mypass cards.

Use of the mypass for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior permission obtained from NZSki Ltd.

The mypass cardholder agrees to the rules, regulations and directions expressed or implied of NZSki Ltd.

The mypass card remains the property of NZSki Ltd.

A breach of these Terms & Conditions may result in the withdrawal of the mypass card and any benefits thereof.

MyPass Money Terms and Conditions:

mypass money is the stored credit facility offered on the mypass card at NZSki ski areas in New Zealand.

The purchaser and/or users of mypass money agree to the following terms and conditions:

NZSki Ltd will not be held liable for misuse, loss, or fraudulent use of mypass money where the mypass money account holder has disclosed their PIN either intentionally or otherwise.

mypass money accounts will not be enabled until the user has loaded a PIN at an NZSki Guest Services location.

A mypass money account must be authorised by a parent or guardian for account holders less than 16 years.

A parent or guardian must be present for children under 16 years to load a PIN and enable a child's account.

A PIN can only be reset by the mypass account holder at Guest Services provided their identity matches the photograph stored against the account holder's profile.

mypass money can be used for transactions at NZSki outlets on the basis that 1 mypass money dollar is equivalent to 1 NZ dollar.

mypass money can be used for part payment of a purchase.

mypass money can only be redeemed by presentation of the appropriate mypass card.

mypass money can only be redeemed by account holder verification using a PIN in the same way that bank cards are transacted.

mypass money can be redeemed by the named mypass holder for the purchase of products for other mypass holders.

mypass money can only be transferred to other mypass money accounts online at where the account holder must give 'trusted friend' status to the recipient of the transfer and have this status reciprocated.

Your mypass money balance will be available only for 'trusted friends' to see.

mypass money credit balances up to $500 can be refunded to the account holder at any NZSki Guest Services location. Credit balances greater than $500 can be refunded on application - download and complete the mypass money refund form.

mypass money credit balances for account holders under 16 years will only be refunded to the parent or guardian that authorised and enabled the account.

mypass money credit balance refunds will be in the form of the most recent deposit.

Any mypass money credit remaining after a period of 24 months since the last activity will expire and the balance retained by NZSki Ltd.


Privacy Policy:

You can find details on our online marketing policy and online privacy statement here.

Online Marketing

NZSki will use personal information provided by you, its customers, only to communicate with you. Any information automatically retrieved, such as website browsing patterns, will be used only in aggregate form (so that no individual visitors are identified). Information provided by you will not be disclosed to third parties.

The only exception to this is when you enter a competition, or register/sign-up for a promotional offer. In this case, information about you may be provided to advertisers for marketing purposes. However, you will be given the option at the time of entering the competition or registering for the offer to decline receiving further information or further contact with NZSki or the advertiser.

NZSki may also be required by law to disclose information you provide. NZSki will only make the disclosure if it believes in good faith that it is required to do so.

It is important to note that this website contains links to other sites not controlled by NZSki. Those sites may not follow the same privacy policy as NZSki.

Online Privacy Statement:

Thank you for visiting, the website for Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt. NZSki Limited is a registered company based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Your privacy is important to us and to better protect it we have provided this statement explaining our online information practices and the manner in which information is collected and used on this site.


When you purchase products online including lift passes and lessons, enter contests, subscribe to our online services such as newsletters and vote in polls or express opinions, we may collect personal information such as: your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card information.

By providing this information you (the customer) confirm that any address(es) provided, whether email or physical, constitute a secure address for the purpose of information communication by NZSki Limited.

You are also able to submit information on behalf of other people. For example, you might purchase a Season Pass for another person. Alternatively you may be purchasing multiple passes and be required to allocate the details for each other pass holder. The information we gather through this process about third parties may include: recipient's name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Any information submitted on behalf of a third party is presumed to have been done with the knowledge and authority of, or at the request of, the third party in question and that the address(es) provided, email or physical, constitute a secure address for the purpose of information communication by NZSki Ltd.

We may also collect certain non-personal information when you visit our web pages such as the type of browser you are using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc), the type of operating system you are using, (e.g. Windows or Mac) and the domain name of your Internet service provider (e.g. Xtra). This enables us to ensure our site performs at the optimum level and makes it possible for us to deliver the best possible experience to our visitors.


NZSki Ltd uses the information you provide about yourself or about third parties to:

Fulfill your requests for our products, programmes, and services

Respond to your enquiries about our offerings

Offer you other products, programs or services that we believe may be of interest to you if you have agreed to receiving information

Improve the design and content of our site

Analyse site usage, as well as to offer you other products, programs, or services

We undertake not to disclose any of your personal information to third parties except when requested to do so in response to legal process. For example, in response to a court order or to a law enforcement agency's request.

Any agents or contractors of NZSki Ltd who have access to personal information are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this privacy statement by, for example, not using the information for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for NZSki Ltd.


We will not use or transfer personal information provided to us in ways unrelated to the purposes described above without also providing you with an opportunity to opt out. All information communicated by NZSki Ltd will give you the ability to opt out.


Some of our sites contain links to other sites whose information practices may be different from ours. Visitors should view the privacy statements of these organisations, as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties.


To enhance your experience within this site, we use cookies to understand site usage and to improve the content and offerings on our site. The ultimate goal is to provide content that visitors to the site want and make it convenient to access. Cookies are text files we place in your computer's browser to store your preferences. Cookies independently do not tell us your email address or other personal information unless you choose to provide this information to us by, for example, purchasing a lift pass. However, once you choose to provide the site with personal information, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie. The cookies that we collect expire when you close your browser.


Appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures have been put in place to safeguard and help prevent unauthorised access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information collected online. Although we take all appropriate measures to safeguard against unauthorised disclosures of information, we cannot assure you that personal information that we collect will never be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this privacy statement.


NZSki Ltd reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement from time to time. Any changes made will be detailed in an updated privacy statement.

Drive Times to our Mountains:

NZSki publicly display estimated drive times to our mountains based on the recommended and legal road speed limits. We recommend to drive cautiously and within your comfort levels and to always drive to the road conditions which may increase these specified estimated drive times. Safety is always our first priority and we encourage all of our guests to drive with safety as their top priority.

Drone Policy:

Coronet Peak Drone Policy.

The Remarkables Drone Policy.