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2 hour and 4 hour Rogaine up at Coronet Peak including use of the chairlift, organised in conjunction with Remarkables Orienteering Club. There will also be a special 'take your dog' category. 

A rogaine race is a navigation event in which you and a teammate (and maybe your dog!) compete to collect as many checkpoints in your allocated time as possible. 

Our event will be designed to cater for everything from complete beginners to rogaining, families with children, to experienced and competitive rogainers who are out to challenge themselves. You will receive the map before starting and have a short amount of time to plan out your route. 

Checkpoints are worth different amounts, and you have to decide on the best route and which checkpoints you want to get. Most of the travel is off track and up at Coronet Peak you will have some tussock and rocky terrain to cross.