Battle of the Basin

September 12 | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The Battle of the Basin pits school against school in an epic dual slalom race to determine the best skiing Primary School in the Wakatipu and surrounding area.

The format: best of two runs!

Must be a registered alpine athlete member with Snow Sports New Zealand (SSNZ) to enter. Registration is on the SSNZ website in the event calendar.

The start list is by category.


Ski categories:

  • Ski Competitive/Ski Recreational year 3-4 M/F
  • Ski Competitive/Ski Recreational year 5-6 M/F
  • Ski Competitive/Ski Recreational year 7-8 M/F
  • Competitive – children who participate in a club for the 2022 ski season (excluding QAST Development Programme)


Snowboard categories:

  • Snowboard Years 3-4 M/F
  • Snowboard Years 5-6 M/F
  • Snowboard Years 7-8 M/F


Please note filming and pictures may take place during this event. Email if you would not like us to use content of an individual.