First Tracks

8am - 9am Daily


Clip-in before the sun peaks over the mountain tops and carve up the untouched corduroy. There’s nothing like a stunning sunrise and fresh air to start the morning. Then, finish off your money laps with a delicious coffee and hearty breakfast with your fellow first trackers.

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First Tracks

8am - 9am Daily Available until 22nd September

First Tracks can be added on to a full mountain day Lift Pass or a 3 Peak Season Pass but not purchased on its own Experience perfect corduroy turns and breath-taking sunrises at Coronet Peak – a perfect way to start the day! Please note: First tracks is only available in addition to a lift pass. If you have already purchased a lift pass or have a season pass, please visit the snow center.

Lift Pass

Multi-day Savings

Your full day lift pass to ski Coronet Peak. First Tracks can be added on to a lift or season pass. The more days you buy, the more you save. Lift passes can be redeemed on any day during the ski season and do not need to be used consecutively.