Preparation for First Time Skiers & Boarders

Are you planning to visit the mountain for the first time? Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, coming up to play in the snow or riding in our gondola, it’s important to make sure that you’ve prepared for your visit to an alpine environment. Make sure you’ve prepared your vehicle correctly, as well as yourself by reading through the tips below so you can have the best time in the snow.

Dress Appropriately

Dress in water and wind-resistant outerwear and layers to accommodate changing conditions. We’re in an alpine environment up here, so prepare for cold, wet and windy conditions. New Zealand is known to get all four seasons in a day and our mountains are at high altitudes, so make sure you’ve packed a bag with plenty of layers! Don’t forget your gloves, a beanie and a change of warm clothes for after the day.

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is always recommended when skiing or riding. Make sure that your helmet is properly fitted with the chin strap securely tightened to help prevent/minimize injuries. It’s important to replace your helmet after any significant falls, as this can weaken the helmet.

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

The sun at altitude is intense, even on cloudy days. Make sure you apply high-strength sunscreen and wear goggles or sunglasses, no matter what the conditions are like. If you forget your sunnies or need some extra sunblock, head into the retail shop downstairs – our team will help you find what you’re after.

New to Skiing or Riding?

Woohoo! The first time on the snow is full of epic achievements, you’re going to have a blast. We highly encourage a lesson to set you off on the right journey, it will make your day even better. All of our Ski and Snowboard Instructors have heaps of experience teaching to make sure that you learn the fundamentals.

Book a Lesson

Use Properly Maintained Equipment

Ensure you have your bindings inspected and correctly adjusted by a certified workshop technician and skis/board are tuned correctly. Not sure who to see? No worries, we have you covered. Check out our friendly teams in the rentals department. They’ll see you right.

You can make your life a little easier by grabbing Rental Equipment from us instead – our gear is inspected and adjusted to your size and ability, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands here.

Fitness, Exercise & Stretches

Make sure you warm up properly before setting off for the day. Ride a few cruisy laps first before you start tackling more challenging terrain to help mitigate any strains. Progress into the harder runs as you gain confidence throughout your laps – this way you’ll know what the snow is like on the day.

Keep within your ability and fitness levels – if you feel yourself becoming tired, take a break.

Smoke/Vape Free

The Remarkables and Mt Hutt are 100% smoke-free, meaning that there is no smoking or vaping anywhere on the ski area. Coronet Peak has one designated smoking area, which is located by the stairs on the main deck. Smoking in other areas is strictly prohibited.

Chains on Vehicles

All vehicles require snow chains to be carried at all times. As we said, this is an alpine environment that changes quickly, so you need to be prepared for any conditions (including snow!).
Learn to use your chains and check they fit properly BEFORE you need them. Practice this at home – it will mean you’ll be carving the mountain faster!

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