Ignite Your Child's Love for Snow Adventures at Coronet Peak!

At Coronet Peak, we believe in nurturing the next generation of ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Our specialised kids' lessons are designed to make learning a true adventure, combining expert instruction with an abundance of fun and excitement.

From their very first steps on the snow, our world-class instructors will guide your kids with patience and enthusiasm, fostering a deep appreciation for the sport while building their confidence and skills at a pace tailored to their abilities.

As they progress, our comprehensive programs will challenge and inspire them to reach new heights, mastering advanced techniques through an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Age: 4-15

Group Lessons

Age: 4-15

Whether it is your first time on the snow, or you're looking to sharpen your skills, our full day Group Lessons will level up your skiing or riding through the guidance of our experienced coaches.  Small groups ensure you get plenty of focus and have loads of fun along the way.


10am - 3:30pm
Break for lunch

Ability Levels

Frist Timers to Red Run Skiers


1 - 6 people
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Private Coaching

See our Private Coaching options for focused lessons that cater to all ability levels with experienced coaches.
. Full Day, Half Day and 2 Hour options available.Prices Vary Learn More
Age: 5-15

High Performance Workshops

Age: 5-15

Develop and refine your skills in a particular area or discipline (e.g. Freestyle/Park, Freeride, Carving, Alpine Racing) under the guidance of experienced performance coaches.


10am - 3:30pm
Break for lunch

Ability Levels

Red & Black Run Skiers & Riders

Group Size

1 - 6 people
Most popular

Rippers 6 Weekends

Rippers is all about fast progression, awesome coaching and maximum fun!

Ages: Ski: 4-12 years or Snowboard: 7-12 years 

Dates: Select either a 6x Saturday or a 6x Sunday Programme 

Times: 9am-2.30pm. Lunch is unsupervised

Ability: We cater to all abilities

Equipment rentals & Lift Passes: not included

Available at Coronet Peak or The Remarkables. 


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Rippers Holiday Camp

Five consecutive days of coaching from Monday to Friday during the July or September school holidays. 

Ages: Ski: 4-12 years or Snowboard: 7-12 years

Dates: Select your preferred week below

Times: 9am-2.30pm. Lunch is unsupervised

Ability: We cater to all abilities

Equipment rentals & Lift Passes: not included

Available at Coronet Peak or The Remarkables.


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Junior Performance Academy: 22 Days

Enjoy comprehensive training in technical/race, freeride and slopestyle.

Completed Rippers, QAST Dev, Enduro or Local Schools at High Performance level? This could be the perfect pathway. 

Ages: 5-12 years & 13-17 years  

Dates: Starts 8 July with 10 days in July holidays & 12 weekend days. 

Times:  9am – 2:30pm

Group sizes: six athletes

Ability: Comfortably ski red runs and above

Equipment rentals & Lift Passes: not included

Training at Coronet Peak for technical and alpine skiing and The Remarkables for park and freeride.



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Junior Performance Academy: 10 Days

A 2-week programme consisting of 10 training days with our world class performance coaches.   

Ages: 5-12 years & 13-17 years  

Dates:  8 - 19 July

Times:  9am – 2:30pm   

Group sizes: six athletes

Ability: Comfortably ski red runs and above

Equipment rentals & Lift Passes: not included

Training at Coronet Peak for technical and alpine skiing and The Remarkables for park and freeride.


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My First Ski School

Skiwiland is a fully licensed Early Learning and Childcare Centre that caters for children aged from two to five years. Our learning experiences are informed by the NZ ECE curriculum and we offer a range of experiences to build confidence that includes playing in the snow and even skiing.

2 - 5 years

Snowplay & Childcare
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3 - 5 Years

Ski Lessons & Childcare
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Skiwiland FAQs

See our full FAQs

Family Private Coaching


Get the family together and progress your skills under the guidance of an experienced coach. Forget the battles of mum & dad tying to teach, just enjoy an amazing day in the mountains bonding as a family and improving your skills.


Priority lift access

Full day coaching:

9am – 3:30pm

Ability Levels:

 First timers through to expert skiers and snowboarders.

Group Size

Price caters for up to six people

QAST Development Programme

Coronet Peak in collaboration with QAST (Queenstown Alpine Ski Team) has developed a progressive and integrated approach to skiing terrain and alpine racing. 

Experienced coaches work with children to develop essential skiing skills through a combination of activation techniques, terrain skiing, drills and gate training.  

Ages: 6 – 12
Times: 8:30am to 2:45pm

12 Days of coaching, split into four blocks of three days over the July school holidays.

Dates for Training Blocks:
July 6th & 7th: Athlete assessment and group development
July 9th – 12th: Guided freeskiing drills and gate training
July 15th – 18th: Gated training and race weekend preparation
July 20th – 21st: Saturday GS Race, Sunday SL Race.

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Skiwiland FAQs

It is our first ever visit to the snow which product should I book?

Snowplay- This is a relaxed way for your child to get to know Skiwiland, the mountain and ski culture. 


Skiwiland- My first ski school- group ski is sold out what should I book? 

If your child is over 4 yo and has skied before, is energetic, confident progression focused and respond wells to instructional teaching you can book a child’s group lesson. 

If you would like to allow your child time to develop a sense of the mountain environment, to take a relaxed approach and lay the foundation for a lifetime of enthusiastic participation in snowsports then we recommend starting out with the My first ski school snowplay programme. 


What time do I need to arrive at Skiwiland?

If you are booked for the group ski, we recommend arriving between 9 and 9:15 to ensure sufficient time for completing enrolment and handover information.  Time to fit boots and skis and for your child to practice moving in new equipment before heading out onto snow for the morning.  If you arrive after 9:45 you child may need to do snowplay for the morning to avoid rushing and overwhelming them. 

If you are booked for snowplay, we recommend arriving between 9 and 10am, although we can accept your child at any time.  However, please avoid lunch time drop-offs as there is often no teacher available for handover. 


Should I come and visit my child? 

We ask you to be thoughtful about visits, they can unsettle children, when they see you, they think you have come to collect them.  When they are skiing it can interrupt their focus and often upset them. 

Visiting over lunchtime, while the children are eating can be disruptive to safe supervision of eating. 

We understand you know your child best and can take this information into consideration when considering visiting your child. 


Can I watch my child my child’s lesson?  

To protect the wellbeing of all the children all our teaching spaces are for teachers and enrolled children only.  You can watch your child over the fence while they are in the yard and from the reception area in the classroom.  Another great place to spy on the ski lesson is from the fence on the lower M1. 


What is the best time to watch my child’s lesson? 

The best time to watch your child is just before afternoon snack time, around 2:30pm.  This will allow your child to develop a sense of belonging, develop some understanding of what skiing is and then if they really want you, most of the lesson has already taken place. 


What do I need to bring? 

Waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.   

Any comfort items that will support your child to enjoy their day and transition from your care to ours.  

Food and water are provided, however, if your child has severe allergies or special dietary requirements you may like to bring their own food.  We do recommend contacting the teaching team prior to your visit if you have any special requirements. 

Spare nappies if your child is using them. 

Spare set of clothes, snow can be quite wet. 

Appropriate Socks for skiing.  Knee length socks are preferable. 

Your child only needs to wear one set of leggings, trackies or tights under their ski suit.  


Can my child have a sleep or rest? 

Yes, we have space for sleep and rest.  Bringing any items your child normally uses to settle for a rest will help them relax in our new space.  


My child is 4 years old, should I book ski school or Skiwiland My first ski school group ski. 

For your children’s early experiences of ski school, we recommend Skiwiland My first ski school Group Ski.  The physical environment and play based learning culture facilitates enthusiastic participation in snowsports.

The security of the indoor classroom attached to the fully fenced exclusive yard creates a sense of safety for children to explore from.

The centre is well resourced for encouraging children to challenge their balance and have fun on skis.  The experienced teachers are sensitive to when your child is ready to start learning the lateral and rotational movements that allows them to control their speed using a wedge. 


My child is 2 years old, can they join the group ski. 

Snowplay is the best product for 2-year-olds.  They do not usually have the physical strength to keep up with the skiing group and struggle with the group lesson component.  In snowplay they are still learning the routines of a ski school, how to ride a magic carpet and the properties of snow.  Sledding is fun. 


My child will turn 2 next week, can they come to Skiwiland. 

Sorry, No the age of children is defined by our license from the Ministry of Education.  On arrival you will be asked to sign a legal document that includes your child’s birth date. We recommend finding a babysitting solution in town. 


My child goes to daycare, will it be the same? 

There are similarities between our centre and your child’s usual experience of daycare for example the group learning experience, resources (books and toys) sleeping in a classroom.  However, the relationships with people, places and things will be very different, there are new children, they won’t have their usual friends, the mountain is a very new environment and they need to build trusting relationships with new teachers. 


My child is 3, can they join Group Ski?

Yes, however we recommend they do a day of snowplay first.

3-year-olds rarely have the muscle strength to be able to rotate their legs and stop themselves in wedge.  At 3 yo they enjoy a straight run and having their balance over two skis challenged.  Doing a day of snowplay prior group ski to make their first ski experience more relaxed and less stressful will not hold up their progress. 


My child is 4 years old and we are only here for the day- can they join a “My first ski school Group Ski?” 

If your 4 year old is confident and you arrive between 9 and 9:15 they should be able to enjoy a successful first day skiing. If your child takes longer to settle and adapt to new experiences, then a day's Snowplay may be more likely to encourage lifelong enthusiastic participation in snowsports.